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Sayani Surgicals is the most trusted name in Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Electromedical Equipment.

From the heart of a Physiotherapist

Dr M. Y. Sayani, MCSP, who completed his Chartered Physiotherapy way back in 1965 in London, is the founder and main Architect of Sayani Group of Companies. In the year 1967, soon after establishing his practice as a Chartered Physiotherapist, in the heart of the City of Pearls ‘Hyderabad’, he felt the need for the equipment for alleviation of the suffering of afflicted people in his own area of Physio/Ortho therapy and made a modest beginning of manufacturing cervical collars, calliper, crutches, etc. in a section of the building attached to his physiotherapy clinic. Being a Physiotherapist on the panel of NIZAM Orthopedic hospital updation of the appliances right from stimulators, traction machines to electromedical equipment was made possible and items which were imported till then i.e., 1980’s were getting manufactured in Sayani Surgicals with innovative spirit and got labeled even to the Bombay Manufacturers. Traction Machines were designed, artificial limbs, splints, all suited to the specifications, were brought out of the factory for supply even to the manufacturers in other parts of the country during 1990’s. All electromedical appliances were designed by Dr M. Irfan Sayani, FRCS, (Glasgo), FRCS (Edin), Orthopaedic Surgeon and the designs made by him are the basic things even for the new appliances being manufactured now.

End of 1990’s, the company witnessed tremendous progress in tune with the technological improvements, took place in the area of Ortho Care.

With a view to provide the uncompromising comfort and care to the needy and the physically challenged, the house of Sayani has started manufacture and supply of the anatomically contoured Ortho supports like splints, braces etc., with the state-of-the-art technology.

Our PhilosophyHealth Care
Adaptation to New EnvironmentExpansion Programmes
Our Goals

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to make available our products in all categories of our consumers from lowest of economically poor to the highest affluent segments of the society at all affordable price ranges. The company believes in rendering free services to the poor by providing them rehabilitation aids in addition to the Physiotherapy services in their own Clinics. At present the company is also treating senior citizens with special discounts. We continue to add some more charitable activities such as forming charitable trusts to the poorer section of the society etc.

Adaptation to New Environment

Branch of Physiotherapy and Ortho-Care assumed a lot of importance in the sophisticated new born corporate super specialty and multi-specialty hospitals and there is still need for meeting necessities of the afflicted with greater care and comfort. At this moment, rising to the occasion, the house of Sayani’s took the distributorship of excellent products of global standards right from basic orthopaedic appliances to hospital equipment and started supplying the same.

Health Care

In the area of health care, the products like Exercise Cycle, Joggers, Multi Station Gyms, Home Gyms, Twisters, Massagers etc., are matching the international standards and are selling very well in the market.

Expansion Programmes

Though major portion of our supplies confine to Andhra Pradesh, customer database is showing that our products are very well accepted even by other Institutions like 1) Jamshedpur Educational Society, Jamshedpur 2) Manipal Educational Society, Manipal 3) Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore, Karnataka. We have also received repeated orders from these prestigious institutions.

Our Goals

The rich reservoir of experiences, the house of Sayanis, with a view to serve in depth in this area of manufacturing orthotics and prosthetic aids, are further expanding under the following specialisations:

Sayani Surgicals

Dr Sayani's Rehabilitation Aids

Sayani Surgical Emporium

Sayani Electro Medicals

Sayani Health Tech

We are proud to add that we are going to expand our factory operations at a separate spacious place in Hyderabad itself and make our ventures successful and plans are at the blueprint stage.

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